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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Spectrum Noir May Challenge

Hello my dear friends!

It's been a long time since my last publication, but now I'm back.

I decided to participate in the Spectrum Noir May Challenge. The theme is flowers! so I went all over looking for the perfect drawing for my project (a greeting card) and I found this beautiful Sara Kay's image!

It was really a challenge. I used the Spectrum Noir alcohol markers and the Sparkle to give some glittery accents (they don't show very well in the image). I used a lot of colors! I didn't noticed that I used that many when I'm working on a project!

I enjoyed doing this card, I hope you like it!

The challenge ends on May 31st. If you want to participate just go to Spectrum Noir's Facebook Page: Sprectrum Noir  and go to Monthly Challenge!

Have fun!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pergamano - Vegetal Paper

Hello dear friends,

I've been exploring new techniques... pergamano is new for me. It was a little hard to figure out what kind of paper to use, tools, etc., so I made Barbara's Easy Guide for Pergamano.

I'll explain this art in a very simple language and the way that worked for me.

Chapter I - The Paper

Finding vegetal paper or the right paper for pergamano was a little annoying for me. I was looking everywhere for the right paper weight, quality, smoothness, etc. After walking many crafting and paper stores I went back home and started to play with some leftover vellum I had.

Some pieces were too thin and tore, some others where too thick and the embossing didn't show very well... and finally I found the right one: vellum also know as translucent paper, color radiant white, 28 lb., Smooth finish... where did I find it???? in an office supply store! (A lot cheaper than scrapbooking stores).

Here is how the different types of paper look, using the same base and pressure:

The thick paper required a little more pressure, the medium paper a light pressure. The thin paper tore really easy using a light pressure.
Chapter II - The tools
Finding tools was another adventure. Most of them can be found on the Internet and are pricey. Specially those that are used for perforating. There are tools of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 needles. Those that have two needles are called 2-split. There is also another one called: The Shader. It  is perfect to create natural depth in your embossing work.
A friend sent me some tools from Peru (lucky me), they are very simple and non expensive.
Then I thought: what if they break, get lost or get old??? I might not have my friend send me more tools... so I came up with the idea to make my own tools!!!

So I gathered simple items and started to work in my new homemade tools.


For the Shader tool you'll need:
Small pliers
An old ball pen
1 medium paper clip
A lighter

First I opened the paper clip and then, with the help of the pliers, I stretched the wider end of the clip.
Then I heated the stretched side of the clip with the lighter and placed it at the top end of the pen (the opposite of the writing ball).
I secured the metal wrapping it inside of the pen case, made some adjustments, and done!


I will show you how I made the one with one needle. You can use as many needles as you prefer.

For the perforating tool you will need:
1 foam pen (I used fantastix- Coloring tool brush point - Tsukineko) or you can use a soft wood dowel
1 needle pin
Strong or wood glue

remove the ball end from the needle pin, add strong glue, and place it in the middle of the top of the coloring tool, let it dry for 24 hours... and done!

There are different web pages that show you the pattern of the needles. One of them is Take a look and create your own patterns!

I hope this helped with the basics.

On the next tutorial, I'll talk about colors and graphics.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

ATC: A New Chapter for Me!

Hello my dear friends,

We are almost done with 2013, I've been very busy that I haven't got the time to make tutorials for you.

This year I had the opportunity to meet great new people via Barbara's Crafty Corner and Scraperas en Español (scrapbooking Facebook group in Spanish). The talent and the willingness to share their ideas and projects we amazing!

I love the enthusiasm and the beauty of the projects of the group members!

One of the members in Scraperas en Español invited a group of members to start an ATC (Artistic Trading Cards) exchange group. I have to confess that at the beginning I was a little hesitant and wasn't sure that I would enjoy it. When I started to work on them, I felt as if I had a canvas in front of me and started to create without stopping! At the end, I fell in love with ATCs and now I have become an ATC collector.

This is my "in the works" ATC collection.

I investigated a little bit about ATCs to have a better idea of what ATCs were and I have discovered that:

  1. ATCs have a standard size: 2.5 x 3.5 inches.
  2. ATCs are made in series. For example, if there are for people in the exchange group, then the series should be written as this: 1/4 (card one of four), 2/4 (card two of four), 3/4 (card three of four) & 4/4 (card four of four). In other words, four cards were made for that particular exchange.
  3. It is better if you use chipboard for the base, if you don't have chipboard available, use double cardstock. 
  4. On the back of the card you must write the theme, the title, author, date, and series number.
  5. You can use any media to create your ATC. You can hand draw, use die cuts, make collages, use acrylic paints, watercolors, metal, feather, etc. The sky is the limit! 
On the back of the ATC you should write the following:


You can also add other information such your blog URL, webpage, email, etc.

For me this is a new chapter in the art of paper. If you're starting with this type of art I hope you'll have a lot of fun like I do!

I'll make a short ATC tutorial very soon. Stay tuned!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sewing for a Cause -- DLO

Hello Dear friends,

This is my first post of the year!!

This time I made a Digital Layout using sepia tones. I like the antique look.

I used the "Sew Long Go" kit by CBT Scraps from the Scrap It Sassy store. It is a great kit!! The resolution is very good and the number of embellishments is a plus. You can find from ribbons, buttons, rig rags to sewing machines, needles, and more!.

To create the DLO I used the My Memories Suite 4 software. You can find it at the My Memories Store. They also have digital Freebies. Just go and take a look!

I hope this year all your wishes may come true.

Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to leave a comment because they add sugar and spice to my blog.


Monday, December 24, 2012

A Little Bit Christmas -- Digital Layout

On Christmas Eve I wanted to say Merry Christmas with this simple layout using the "A Little Bit Christmas" Tagger Kit by Lavendel Creations of Scrap it Sassy.

I used My Memories V4 software by My to make this DLO. Great tools!!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Santa's Warming Jar

Hello my friends,

Christmas is just around the corner and there are a lot of craftings ideas everywhere!!!!! I noticed that Ball Mason Jars are a hit for decorating. My husband loves canning, and he treasures his jars, so I decided to recycle old glass jars that I kept in my secret storage room for many years!!

This is a tutorial but also a challenge. All you have to do is to decorate a (recycled) glass jar, with a theme of your choice!!!. Just submit your entry at the end of the post.

For this particular project I used a 6 oz glass jar.
Cardstock: red, black, gold, and white
Fake fur
Tissue Paper
1 white pom pom
Bear rubber stamp
Merry Christmas rubber stamp

First remove the labels from the jar and clean it thoroughly. The same with the lid.

Then I measured the height of the jar to cut my cardstock to make a label. I didn't want to cover all the jar so I cut the cardstock 1.75" high x 5" long.

Also I didn't wrap all around the jar because I wanted the inside to show through. You can see that I centered the cardstock so part of the top and part of the bottom will show as well.

Then I glued the new label and put a gold buckle on top of the label so it would look like Santa's belly and buckle. I used gold cardstock for the buckle.
I decorated the lid with tissue paper and fake fur.
I shaped the tissue paper to look like Santa's hat. I glued a pom pom at the end of the hat.

Then I put the goodies inside the jar. The size of the jar was perfect to make a hot cocoa cup. At this point only add solid ingredients.

The first layer was the cocoa powder

The second layer were the mini-marshmallows
 Ant to give it color I put two small candy canes with peppermint flavor.

This is how it looks from the back

This is how it looks on the front

And to give a personal touch I tied a tag with a polar bear with a cup of hot cocoa

I decorated the tag with glitter to give it a magical touch!!!

In the back of the tag I hand wrote the directions of how to prepare the hot cocoa.

And done!!!
Now it's ready to give away and to enjoy!!!

Enjoy the change of weather and let's hope for a white Christmas!!!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me by email.

Are you ready to submit your entry???? just click on the link below and done!

Also I will giveaway A mini Chipboard Album!!!!

The winner will be picked on December 1st and will be selected by random.